Writer’s Guide


Thank you for your interest in writing for Holy Joys. Before submitting an article, please consider our mission and vision. Articles should be clear, concise, engaging, well-researched, and charitable in tone. They should not exceed 1200 words.


Please carefully review our guidelines before making a submission.


We maintain at least a moderate formality in everything we publish. Articles may have a conversational tone, but they should not read like a Facebook or blog post. Please use proper writing conventions.


Articles should have a clear flow of thought. The body should flow from the introduction, and the thought flow should be sequential (intra- and inter-paragraph). Please have a clear main idea and maintain focus throughout the article. Avoid long sentences. Rewrite sentences that are hard to read.


As of April 2021, we publish articles of 900–1200 words. Exceptions are made depending on the topic and author. Add section headings every three to five paragraphs to break down the article. Use one empty line between paragraphs. Do not indent paragraphs or adjust spacing. Short paragraphs (no more than eight lines) are recommended. Do not use two spaces between sentences.

When italics are used inside quotations, please designate “emphasis original” or “emphasis added.” Do not italicize entire Bible verses or quotations.


When possible, avoid footnotes by providing a URL to an online bookstore that provides publishing information for the work in question. The URL will be hyperlinked by our editors. For example, “Wesley wrote, ‘Christianity is holiness and happiness.'”

Do not use superscript footnotes. If footnotes are necessary, please include them in brackets with a corresponding numbered list at the end of the article. For example, “Wesley wrote, ‘Christianity is holiness and happiness.'”[1]

Use in-text citation for Scripture references.


To submit your article, email a single-spaced Word or Pages document to articles@holyjoys.org.

If we accept your submission for publication, we will create an author profile for you on our site. Please include a high-resolution headshot and a short, professional bio at the end of your article. For example,

Rev. John Doe is Senior Pastor at Evangelical Free Church in Chicago, IL, where he lives with his wife Karen and three boys. He holds an M.A. in Theology from Wheaton College. You can connect with him on Twitter @pastordoe.


We retain the right to thoroughly edit and retitle your submission. Significant changes will be sent to you for approval before publication.

After revision, your article will be assigned a header image, formatted with headings and block quotes, and shared on our website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Your article will enter a searchable database and be assigned to categories with similar content. As our readership grows, your article will be republished to reach new people.

By submitting content to Holy Joys, you represent and warrant that the content is your original work, you hold all copyright in it, and it does not violate any right or law.

We ask that you do not republish your content for two weeks following its initial publication on holyjoys.org. After two weeks, you are free to republish the content elsewhere, with the request that you note that it was first published at holyjoys.org (hyperlinked). All rights related to the content are retained by you.

Thank you for your interest in helping us to labor for a holy, happy church in our day. Please contact us with questions or comments.