For a Holy, Happy Church

We will choose the holy joys that always last.

We exist for a holy, happy church through the promotion of robust theology and Biblical ministry practices. We pray that our growing library of resources will be formative in the lives of aspiring ministers, church leaders, and disciples.

Christianity is holiness and happiness, the image of God impressed on a created spirit; a fountain of peace and love springing up into everlasting life.

Core Values



We point to Christ as glorious and sufficient in all things, as he is revealed to us in the gospel.



We engage in rigorous but courteous discourse, speaking the truth in love and humbly embracing our brothers in Christ.

Careful Hermeneutics

Careful Hermeneutics

We are firmly rooted in the text of Scripture, interpreted in its original context, in community, and applied to the contemporary situation.



We joyfully proclaim the whole counsel of God as good news for every area of life.



We call men to uncompromising separation from the world and undivided devotion to Christ in every area of life.



We present the truths of Scripture in a way that is consistent with their beauty and splendor.

If your heart is as our heart,
give us your hand.

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We rely on the prayer and generous donations of God's people to meet our needs.

I will choose the holy joys that always last, and reject sin’s pleasures that will soon be past.

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Johnathan S. Arnold


Rev. Arnold is Associate Pastor at God’s Missionary Church in Newport, PA.

Paul Ryan


Rev. Ryan is Assistant Librarian at Penn View Bible Institute and Curator for Christian Heritage Autographs.

Michael Avery


Dr. Avery is President of Deeper Life Ministries and Chancellor of God’s Bible School & College.

David Fry


Dr. Fry is Senior Pastor at Frankfort Bible Holiness Church.

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