Turn on the Light!


When I was a child I had issues with the dark; actually it was more with semi-darkness and shadows. I had regrettably read a biography of Martin Luther in which it recounted his late night vision of Satan and included a rather unfortunate and terrifying drawing.

Ever after I was sure I was going to see an apparition of the evil one in the shadows cast by my flickering night light. Many prayers consisting of, “Please don’t let me see the devil!” were prayed fervently on many a night.

But do you know what completely erased those fears? The light. Simply flipping a light switch or opening a door through which light flooded, comforted my nervous little heart.

The dark (even the semi-dark) breeds fear and confusion. In the dark we don’t see things clearly and sometimes see things that aren’t there at all. It’s easy to stumble and fall. We can err in judgment far more quickly, make decisions based on things that aren’t quite true. And the results can be disastrous. The cure? Light.

All of this is true in our spiritual lives as well as the physical realm. So where do we find that light that will show us things as they really are? I read about it recently in Psalms: “The unfolding of Your words gives light;” (Ps. 119:130a).

I like the imagery the NET Bible uses: “Your instructions are a doorway through which light shines.” When we read God’s word, we open a doorway to infinite light and truth.

  • It illuminates the shadows.
  • It calms our fears.
  • It puts things into proper perspective.
  • It shows us our error.
  • It allows us to walk safely.

I am astonished at how casually we seem to take the reading of scripture as a personal discipline. We view it as just something that’s part of the checklist on our “Christian list”. And often we don’t do it at all. We think we know enough or can catch enough by going to church or feel like we’re exempt because we went to Christian school. God help us!

We’re stumbling around with flickering candles when there are floodlights sitting unused all around us! The study of scripture is not optional.

  • It is our source of light.
  • It will save us from error and confusion.
  • It will keep us from sin.

Stop playing around in the dark. Open the door of God’s word and let the light flood in around you!


Originally published in God’s Revivalist. Used by permission.

Sonja Vernon
Sonja Vernon
Sonja Vernon, RN, BSN is the Vice President for Student Affairs at GBSC. She has been part of Student Affairs since 2000 and is passionate about working with college students.