Reading Guide for Athanasius On the Incarnation


The following reading guide is designed for a 6-week group study.

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Reading Guide

  1. Week 1: Preface (Lewis), Introduction (Behr), Prologue (Inc. 1)
  2. Week 2: The Divine Dilemma regarding Life and Death (2–10)
  3. Week 3: The Divine Dilemma regarding Knowledge and Ignorance (11–19) (coming soon)
  4. Week 4: The Death of Christ and the Resurrection of the Body (20–32) (coming soon)
  5. Week 5: Refutation of the Jews (33–40) (coming soon)
  6. Week 6: Refutation of the Gentiles (41–55) and Conclusion (56–57) (coming soon)

Supplementary Resources

  1. Athanasius, “Against the Heathen,” The prior work referred to at the beginning of On the Incarnation.
  2. Athanasius: Five-time exile for fighting ‘orthodoxy’,” Christianity Today. Biographical article.
  3. Brandon Smith and Luke Stamps, “Theology Classics: Athanasius of Alexandria,” Center for Baptist Renewal. Podcast.
  4. Passages – Chapter 4.” This episode of Passages (a podcast on the story of the Nicene Creed) discusses the life and work of Athanasius.
  5. Peter Leithart, Athanasius (Baker Academic, 2011). 222 pages. $28. Biography.
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Johnathan Arnold
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