Questions and Answers on General Revelation


These questions and answers are from the Student Catechism.

18.  What Greek word is translated ‘revelation’?

The Greek word translated ‘revelation’ is ‘apocalypsis’.  It means “an unveiling, thus a disclosure.”

19.  What are three ways someone can reveal himself?

Someone can reveal himself by his words, his works, and his actual presence.  God revealed himself in these three ways.

20.  What is general revelation?

General revelation is the way God has revealed himself to every person He has made.

21.  What are the two primary aspects of general revelation?

The two primary aspects of general revelation are creation and conscience.

22.  Where is revelation through creation mentioned in Scripture?

Revelation through creation is mentioned in Psalm 19 and in Romans 1:19-20.

23.  Where is revelation through conscience mentioned in Scripture?

Revelation through conscience is mentioned in Romans 2:14-15. Also, Titus 2:11-12 and John 1:9 teach that God has revealed himself universally.  We can infer that God speaks to every man through his conscience.

24.  What theology can we learn from creation and conscience?

From creation and conscience we can learn that there is a God, and that He is powerful, personal, intelligent, good, holy, just, and wise.  We can learn that we are made by God, and that we are finite, sinful, and accountable to this holy God.  It is through prevenient grace that these truths become real to us.

25.  What is the importance of general revelation?

General revelation is important because it lays a foundation for special revelation.  If one accepts all that he can know from general revelation, God will lead that person to special revelation, if this wasn’t available beforehand.

Mark Bird
Mark Bird
Mark Bird is Professor of Theology and Apologetics at God's Bible School and College.