A Prayer for Ukraine (with Scripture Readings)


by Alex Fry and Johnathan Arnold

The following prayer was written for use in churches. A PDF version with footnotes may be downloaded here and printed for use by congregations.

A Prayer for Ukraine

Almighty God, Father of mercies,1 King of the nations,2

We urgently cry out to you for the people of Ukraine. Give them hope and courage to face the violence, bloodshed, loss, and heartache which beset them, and rescue them speedily from the hands of their oppressors.

We ask for the kingdom of your beloved Son, who came by way of the cross, to expose the folly of prideful leaders, and thwart the evil ambitions which have led to this moment. You who “break the bow, shatter the spear, and burn chariots with fire,”3 break assault rifles, destroy missiles, and shatter the machines of war,4 that violence may cease to the end of the earth. Raise up peacemakers and unite leaders with the wisdom that is from above: pure, peaceable, gentle, and open to reason.5

Pour out the grace of your Holy Spirit upon the church in Ukraine as they seek to be your hands of justice and mercy in this crisis. Work through them to shelter the weak, mend the broken, and boldly proclaim your goodness, that many may hear and place their hope in the Lord our God. Inspire us by their faithful example, that as we hear of wars and rumors of war, of nations rising against nations,6 our hearts may be quieted by the calm confidence that you have already overcome the world.7 

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,
Who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God,
now and for ever.

Recommended Scripture Readings

  • Old Testament: Habakkuk 1:2–11 or Micah 4:1–5
  • Psalms: Psalm 46 or Psalm 68
  • Gospels: Matthew 24:3–14 or John 16:25–33
  • Epistles: Romans 8:18–25 or Revelation 21:1–8



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  2. Psalm 22:28
  3. Psalm 46:9
  4. Inspired by “A Prayer for the Crisis in Ukraine,” Lectio 365.
  5. James 3:17
  6. Matthew 24:6, 7
  7.  John 16:33
Alex Fry
Alex Fry
Alex Fry is studying International Relations and History (Indiana Wesleyan University) in Marion, IN. He is an alumnus of God’s Bible School & College and an active member of Frankfort Bible Holiness Church.