Preaching, the Peace of Easter, and Four Marks of the Church at Pentecost

In this episode of the Holy Joys podcast, David Fry and Johnathan Arnold discuss their recent sermons on the peace or Shalom of Easter and four marks of the church which the Spirit of the risen Christ creates at Pentecost.

Quotes from David Fry:

  • If I am not in a series and I do not have a particular sermon that I want to preach, I always default to one of the lectionary readings for my Sunday preaching. I follow the Revised Common Lectionary.
  • We live at peace because on the third day He rose from the dead and with the same body in which He suffered, He arose, and He ascended.
  • Saints of God, we have peace because Jesus has overcome the world.
  • What truth am I avoiding in order to give myself a false sense of peace? Isolating myself, stonewalling, avoiding someone—that’s not peacemaking. That may just be flight.
  • What am I willing to suffer for the sake of peace? We need a more robust theology of Christian suffering.

Quotes from Johnathan Arnold:

  • The Spirit comes as the one who represents the risen Christ and fulfills Christ’s promises to build the church and to be our comforter.
  • The Spirit of the risen Christ creates the Church.
  • The four marks of the church (one, holy, catholic, apostolic) are present at Pentecost.
  • The Sunday sermon is not just a time to give people a nugget to get through to the next week. It is an opportunity to develop the church’s theological thinking.
David Fry
David Fry
Senior Pastor at the Frankfort Bible Holiness Church. PhD in Systematic Theology (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School). MDiv in New Testament Theology (Wesley Biblical Seminary).