Our Powerful God


God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God. (Psalm 62:11)

Desire for power seems to motivate people, in such obvious areas as politics, but also in small ways, like seeking promotions at work. It’s evident in children, scrambling to be team captain on the playground. Perhaps an interest in the means to accomplish goals — and really, that’s what power is — is part of being made in God’s image.

Today’s passage emphasizes God’s immense power. At will, He can scatter enemies, lay waste great armies, provide impregnable refuge for His children. Whatever power a person seems to possess, it is only derived, for “power belongeth unto God.” As Jesus told Pilate, he and every other ruler has no power inherently, only as a trust from the all-powerful King of creation.

Whatever power a person seems to possess, it is only derived, for “power belongeth unto God.”

We may tend to think of power only in these terms, the power over nature or other people. If we see power only as “power over,” we miss God’s greatest display of power, power “under.” Christ stooped to take on our form, suffered humiliating execution — why? So that God could show us “power under,” the power that lifts fallen people into the relationship of sons and daughters!

Great is the Lord, his power unknown,
And let his praise be great;
I’ll sing the honors of thy throne,
Thy works of grace repeat. (Isaac Watts)

God’s immense power fills the everlasting arms that lift us!


Originally published in God’s Revivalist. Used by permission.

Aaron Profitt
Aaron Profitt
Aaron Profitt is Vice President for Academic Affairs at God's Bible School & College. He earned a BA in English and Political Science (University of Kansas), MA in English (University of Kansas), and PhD in Educational Studies (University of Cincinnati).