Navigating Crisis Times in the Local Church

In this episode, Johnathan Arnold and Darrell Stetler II discuss leading the church through crisis times and the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Flexibility and a can-do attitude is essential in the leadership of a church.
  • I want to be the kind of leader who is a “Yes, and…” leader, not a “Yes, but…” leader.
  • The paralysis of analysis is a real thing—where you get frozen trying to find the “right path.” But in many cases, it’s not about doing the “right thing,” it’s about doing something. A car is much easier to steer when it’s moving.
  • The biggest mistake that pastors can make in times of crisis is to not take any care of themselves—their own spiritual, physical, and emotional life. You’re best equipped to help someone else in crisis when you have your foot on something solid.
  • A huge mistake that pastors can make in times of crisis is to surrender to negative emotion—pride, anger, bitterness, or impatience.
  • Don’t quit in the middle of crisis. It’s a huge abdication of leadership and responsibility. Running away when the wolf is coming is not a good plan.