Gregory of Nyssa and the Fourth-Century Trinitarian and Christological Debates

On July 29, 2021, Thomas H. McCall, Chair of Theology of Asbury Theological Seminary, joined our Ad Fontes 2021 Patristics Reading Group to discuss the Cappadocian Fathers. Dr. McCall provides a brief biographical introduction to Gregory of Nyssa, one of the three Cappadocian Fathers (along with his brother Basil of Caesarea and his friend Gregory of Nazianzus), then introduces the Trinitarian and Christological controversies of the fourth century to provide vital context for reading and understanding Gregory’s theological works.

You can learn more about Dr. McCall here. His works include:

Thomas McCall
Thomas H. McCall (PhD, Calvin Theological Seminary) is Chair of Theology of Asbury Theological Seminary.