The Cross, Atonement Theories, Penal Substitution, and Christus Victor

In this special Good Friday episode of the Holy Joys Podcast, Johnathan Arnold and David Fry discuss atonement theories: How does the death of Jesus on the cross accomplish our redemption?

Quotes from Fry:
  • The atonement is not only about the death of Christ. Atonement is about the entirety of the incarnation of the Son of God, but the focal point, theologically, is what takes place on the cross.
  • The resurrection is revelation. It is the greatest revelation of God until His second coming.
  • We must not sing songs, or make statements that suggest a break in the Trinity. The Trinity is not broken by anything that God does.
  • What did God do for us through Christ on the cross? Paul answers: Christ died for our sins.
  • All of the theories of the atonement contribute to our understanding.
  • The idea of recapitulation helps us to understand that what Christ does restores the image of God in humanity. It’s a new birth, a new creation taking place—the death of old humanity and the birth of new humanity taking place.
Johnathan Arnold
Johnathan Arnold
Johnathan Arnold is a husband, father, and aspiring pastor-theologian, as well as the founder and president of You can connect with him on Twitter @jsarnold7.