Week 9: Fall of Israel’s Kingdom and Exile

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This week, you will read about how Israel divided into the Northern and Southern Kingdoms after the death of Solomon. Both kingdoms rebelled against God and were conquered by their enemies and taken into exile.

Reading & Summaries

READ: 2 CHRONICLES 6:1-7:22; 9:22-31
Solomon Builds and Dedicates the Temple

Solomon blesses the people and prayers a prayer of dedication for the temple. God’s glory fills the temple. The Lord warns Solomon to keep his commandments. Solomon’s riches and wisdom are noted; Solomon dies and is buried.

Kingdom is Divided

After Solomon’s death, Solomon’s son Rehoboam reigns on the throne. Rehoboam oppresses the people, causing the northern ten tribes to revolt and follow Jeroboam. Rehoboam rules over the Southern Kingdom (Judah) and Jeroboam rules over the Northern Kingdom (now called “Israel”). Jeroboam leads Israel into idolatry.

Study Exercises

When exercises require a written response, record your answers in a journal or email them to a pastor or class leader who will provide you with feedback.