Tuesday Morning Prayer

Adapted from A Collection of Forms of Prayer for Every Day in the Week by John Wesley.

O eternal and merciful Father, I give you humble thanks for all the blessings, spiritual and temporal, which, in the riches of your mercy, you have poured down upon me. Please increase my thankfulness. Lord, let me only live to love you and to glorify your name. I give you most sincere thanks for preserving me from my birth to this moment, and for bringing me safely to the beginning of this day, in which, and in all the days of my life, I ask you that all my thoughts, words, and works may tend to your glory. Heal, O Father of mercies, all my infirmities, strengthen me against all my follies; forgive me all my sins, and let them not cry louder in yours ears for vengeance than my prayers for mercy and forgiveness.

O blessed Lord, enable me to fulfill your commands, and command what you will. O Savior of all that trust in you, do with me what seems best in your own eyes; only give me the mind which was in you; let me learn of you to be meek and lowly. Pour into me the whole Spirit of humility; fill, I ask you, every part of my soul with it, and make it the constant, ruling habit of my mind, that all my other tempers may arise from it; that I may have no thoughts, no desires, no designs, but such as are the true fruit of a lowly spirit. Grant that I may think of myself as I ought to think, that I may “know myself, even as I am known.” Herein may I exercise myself continually, when I lie down and when I rise up, that I may always appear poor, and little, and mean, and base, and vile in mine own eyes.

O convince me that “I have neither learned wisdom, nor have the knowledge of the holy.” Give me a lively sense that I am nothing, that I have nothing, and that I can do nothing. Enable me to feel that I am all ignorance and error, weakness and uncleanness, sin and misery; that I am not worthy of the air I breathe, the earth I tread upon, or the sun that shines upon me. And let me be fully content when all other men think of me as I do of myself. O save me from either desiring or seeking the honor that comes of men. Convince me that the words of praise, “when smoother than oil,” then especially “are very swords.” Make me to dread them more than the “poison of asps,” or “the pestilence that walks in darkness.” And when these cords of pride, these snares of death, overtake me, do not allow me to take any pleasure in them, but enable me instantly to flee to you, O Lord, and to complain unto my God. Let all my bones cry out, “You are worthy to be praised; so shall I be safe from my enemies.”

Bless, O gracious Father, all the nations, whom you have placed upon the earth, with the knowledge of you, the only true God: But especially bless your holy catholic Church, and fill it with truth and grace; where it is corrupt, purge it; where it is in error, rectify it; where it is right, confirm it; where it is divided and rent asunder, heal the breaches thereof, O thou Holy One of Israel. Replenish all whom you have called to any office therein with truth of doctrine and innocence of life. Let their prayers be as precious incense in your sight, that their cries and tears for the city of their God may not be in vain.

O Lord, hear the King in the day of his trouble; let your name, O God, defend him. Grant him his heart’s desire, and fulfill all his mind. Set his heart firm upon you, and upon other things only as they are in and for you. O defend him and his royal relations from your holy Heaven, even with the saving strength of your right hand.

Have mercy upon this kingdom, and forgive the sins of this people; turn to us, bless us, and cause your face to shine on our desolations. Inspire the Nobles and Magistrates with prudent zeal, the Gentry and Commons with humble loyalty. Pour down your blessings on all seminaries of true religion and learning, that they may remember and answer the end of their institution. Comfort all the sons and daughters of affliction, especially those who suffer for righteousness’ sake. Bless my father and mother, my brethren and sisters, my friends and relations, and all that belong to this family. Forgive all who are my enemies, and so reconcile them to me and you, that we all, together with those that now sleep in you, may awake to life everlasting, through your merits and intercession, O blessed Jesus; to whom, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be ascribed, by all creatures, “all honor, and might, and wisdom, and glory, and blessing.”