Thursday Morning Prayer

Adapted from A Collection of Forms of Prayer for Every Day in the Week by John Wesley.

O eternal God, my sovereign Lord, I acknowledge that all I am and all I have is yours. O give me such a sense of your infinite goodness that I may return to you all possible love and obedience.

I humbly and heartily thank you for all the gifts you have given to me: for creating me after your own image, for your daily preserving me by your good providence, for redeeming me by the death of your blessed Son, and for the assistance of your Holy Spirit: for causing me to be born in a Christian country, for blessing me with plentiful means of salvation, with religious parents and friends, and frequent returns of your ever blessed sacrament. I also thank you for all the temporal blessings; for strength, food, clothing, and all the other comforts and necessities of life. O may I always delight to praise your holy name, and, above all your benefits, love you my great benefactor!

And, O Father of mercies, do not shut your heart of compassion toward me a vile and miserable sinner; despise not the work of your own hands, the purchase of your Son’s blood. For His sake, I most humbly implore forgiveness of all my sins. Lo, I come now, to do your will alone; and am resolved, by your assistance, to have no longer any choice of my own, but with singleness of heart to obey your good pleasure: Father, not my will, but yours be done, in all my thoughts, words, and actions!

O all-sufficient God of angels and man, who is above all, and through all, and in all, from whom, by whom, and in whom are all things; in whom we live, move, and have our being; may my will be as entirely and continually derived from yours, as my being and happiness are.

I believe, O sovereign goodness, O mighty wisdom, that you sweetly order and govern all things, even the most minute, even the most noxious, to your glory, and the good of those who love you. I believe, O Father of the families of heaven and earth, that you dispose all events, as may best magnify your goodness to all your children, especially those whose eyes wait upon you. I most humbly ask you to teach me to adore all your ways, though I cannot comprehend them: teach me to be glad that you are King, and to give you thanks for all things that befall me; seeing you have chosen them for me, and have thereby set to your seal that they are good. And for that which is to come, give me your grace to do in all things whatever pleases you; and then, with an absolute submission to your wisdom, to leave the details of them in your hand.

O Lord Jesus, I give you my body, my soul, my substance, my fame, my friends, my liberty, my life; dispose of me, and all that is mine, as it seems best to you. I am not my own, but yours; claim me as your right, keep me as your charge, love me as your child! Fight for me when I am assaulted, heal me when I am wounded, and revive me when I am destroyed!

O help me with your grace, that whatever I shall do or suffer this day may tend to your glory. Keep me in love to you, and to all men. Direct my paths, and teach me to set you always before me. Let not the things of this life, or my manifold concerns therein, alienate any part of my affections from you; nor let me ever pursue or regard them, but for you, and in obedience to your will.

Extend, O Lord, your pity to the whole race of mankind: enlighten the Gentiles with your truth, and bring into your flock your ancient people the Jews. Be gracious to your holy catholic church, and grant she may always preserve that doctrine and discipline which you have delivered to her. Grant that all of this nation, especially our governors and the clergy, may, whatsoever they do, do all to your glory. Bless all nurseries of true religion and useful learning, and let them not neglect the end of their institution. Be merciful to all that are in distress, that struggle with pain, poverty, or reproach: be a guide to them that travel by land or by water: give a strong and quiet spirit to those who are condemned to death, liberty to prisoners and captives, and ease and cheerfulness to every sad heart. O give spiritual strength and comfort to scrupulous consciences, and to them that are afflicted by evil spirits. Show compassion to those with special needs and mental illnesses, and give life and salvation to all to who lack understanding. Give to all that are in error the light of your truth; bring all sinners to repentance, and give to all heretics humility and grace to make amends to your church, but the public acknowledgment of a holy faith. Bless all my friends, relations, acquaintance and enemies. Unite us all to one another by mutual love, and to yourself by constant holiness; that we, together with all those who went before us in your faith and fear, may find a merciful acceptance in the last day, through the merits of your blessed Son, to whom with you and the Holy Ghost, be all glory, world without end!