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The Wesleys Published An Entire Hymnal on the Lord’s Supper

If someone wrote a hymn on the Lord's Supper, you might think, "Wow, the Lord's Supper is really important to them." If they wrote...

A Devoted Church: Word, Fellowship, Sacrament, Prayer

If we want the church to grow, the single most important thing that we need to do is to be the church.

If I Take Communion Unworthily, Will I Drink Damnation to My...

The krima (“judgment” ESV, “damnation” KJV) that someone eats or drinks on himself is not automatic damnation to hell. It’s the judgment of the Lord’s paideia (discipline), which has our final salvation as its aim.

The Risen Christ Reveals Himself in Word and Sacrament (Luke 24:13–35)

The Emmaus Road story emphasizes how Christ reveals himself in the Lord's Supper and is the basis for Charles Wesley’s communion hymn "O Thou Who This Mysterious Bread."