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Working a “Secular” Job as Service to Christ

There is no such thing as a non-ministry job for a Christian.

Lectio Divina: A Method for Daily Devotions

Lectio Divina ("Divine Reading") is an ancient method of prayerfully and contemplatively reading the Scriptures. The content of this article is available as a...

The Bible is the Church’s Book

Because the Bible is God’s word, the church must submit to the Bible as to God himself. The church does not stand over Scripture;...

Five-Point Arminianism: The Five Arminian Articles of 1610

There is no hint of a full-fledged synergism in the Arminian Articles of 1610.

The 25 Articles, Article 11: Works of Supererogation

The Text Article 11 of the Twenty-Five Articles of Religion, “Of Works of Supererogation,” is taken verbatim from Article 14 of the Thirty-Nine Articles: Voluntary works,...

A Primer on the Office of Elder/Pastor

The office of elder is the first of two ordinary and perpetual offices in the church. Elders (or presbyters, from the Greek presbuteros) are...

“Trespasses” or “Debts” in the Lord’s Prayer?

The terms debts, trespasses, and sins all mean the same thing.

Did God Die on the Cross?

Did God die on the cross? Yes, God died according to the human nature which he assumed in the incarnation; however, the divine nature...

Better Discipleship Means Better Catechesis

Catechisms are not about mere information transfer, but holistic transformation: reaching the will and affections through the intellect.

Reading the Bible in Community with the Local Church

This article is the first in a series on “How to Get More Out of Your Bible Reading.” Discussion questions and exercises are included...