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The Wesleys Published An Entire Hymnal on the Lord’s Supper

If someone wrote a hymn on the Lord's Supper, you might think, "Wow, the Lord's Supper is really important to them." If they wrote...

Did the Son of God Actually Leave His Father’s Throne Above?

The third verse of Charles Wesley’s magnificent hymn “And Can it Be” refers to the Son’s incarnation (his taking on of human flesh), which...

“Christmas” Means “the Lord’s Supper on Christ’s Day”

Christmas is a day set apart by the church to celebrate Christ’s birth, primarily by sharing the Lord’s Supper.

A New Hymn for Worship and Discipleship: “Our Precious Faith”

This hymn will be included in the upcoming Holy Joys Shorter Catechism.

Original Sin, Free Will, and God’s Grace: A Wesleyan Affirmation of...

Can sinners make the first move towards God? Can they respond to an altar call by their own natural free will? Can they wake...

Resources for Celebrating Advent as a Church

See also: Introduction to the Church’s Liturgical Calendar (article and handout); Understanding Advent and the Liturgical Calendar (podcast); Q&A on Advent and the Christian Year...

Entire Sanctification: the Whole Christ for the Whole Man

Total depravity requires total incarnation which provides total or entire sanctification.

A 15-Minute Devotional Outline

This devotional outline takes around 15 minutes to complete. Begin by praising the Triune God, confessing your faith in him, and receiving instruction from...

Yes, Wesleyan-Arminians Believe in Predestination!

The Arminian doctrine of predestination is an orthodox and Reformed view.

Working a “Secular” Job as Service to Christ

There is no such thing as a non-ministry job for a Christian.