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Re-Conversion vs. Repentance and Sin in Believers

https://www.buzzsprout.com/1305259/10125209-re-conversion-vs-repentance-and-sin-in-believers.js?container_id=buzzsprout-player-10125209&player=small In this episode of the Holy Joys Podcast, Dr. David Fry and Johnathan Arnold discuss an article by Samuel D. James, "Why is 'Re-Converting'...

Sola Fide: What About Repentance and Works?

Martin Luther saw the church as a building that rests on the large marble pillar of justification by faith alone: “If this article stands,...

A Wesleyan Understanding of Faith and Repentance

Recovering the firm conviction that faith and repentance are both the gifts of God will lead to a renewed focus on the means of grace.