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What Do Protestants Believe About Justification?

Protestants are united in affirming that we are justified on the basis of Christ's merits alone, and that faith is the only instrumental or...

Quotes from “The Freedom of the Christian” by Martin Luther

If you are beginning to study the Reformation and pick up a copy of the 95 Theses, you might be surprised to find virtually...

Sola Fide: What About Repentance and Works?

Martin Luther saw the church as a building that rests on the large marble pillar of justification by faith alone: “If this article stands,...

The Priesthood of All Believers, Martin Luther, and the Church’s Authority

Christians are united with Christ and so share in his anointing as priests to God.

Sola Scriptura: No Creed But the Bible?

Scripture must be interpreted in community, and this community includes the communion of the saints in all ages.