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Filled with Thanksgiving (Colossians 1:1–8)

This is the first sermon in a series on Colossians titled “Filled: Finding Wholeness in Christ.” Health and Happiness Health and happiness begin in the mind,...

Oswald Chambers and the Happiness Myth

Instead of saying that God doesn't care about happiness, we should offer a Christian theology of happiness in place of the world's misunderstanding.

Holiness and the Pursuit of Happiness in God

The pursuit of happiness is tantamount to life and liberty in the American mind. Yet, far too often, we seek it in all the...

Six Steps on the Path to Joy

In the pursuit of happiness in God, here are six steps that we can learn from the Psalmist.

Holy, Happy Contentment in Quarantine

The prospect of sitting still has unearthed a motherlode of discontentment, which is proving to be more contagious than the coronavirus.

Holiness or Happiness?

True holiness and happiness go hand in hand. The holiest people should be the happiest people.

Happiness and Joy—What’s the Difference?

As far as I can tell, there is no significant difference between joy and happiness in Scripture.

Can a Christian Be Both Sober and Joyful? A Call to...

"Nothing is so contrary to godliness as levity," said John Fletcher, for "jesting and raillery , lightness of behavior, useless occupations, joy without trembling...