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Sola Fide: What About Repentance and Works?

Martin Luther saw the church as a building that rests on the large marble pillar of justification by faith alone: “If this article stands,...

A Wesleyan Understanding of Faith and Repentance

Recovering the firm conviction that faith and repentance are both the gifts of God will lead to a renewed focus on the means of grace.

God Said It, I Believe It, Does That Settle It? “Great...

It’s no good claiming God said it, I believe, that settles it, if you haven’t properly understood what God said.

Martha and Mary: When Faith Feels Hopeless (John 11:1-44)

It’s OK to grieve, to struggle, to feel loss. Jesus joins in your grief, even at your darkest time.

What Does It Mean to Believe in Jesus?

Since I require my Advanced Homiletics students to preach either John 3:1-13 or John 3:14-21 as their third sermon, I’ve heard seven messages on...

What is the Relationship Between Faith and Obedience?

Faith, not obedience, is the condition of our acceptance with God both at (Eph. 2:8) and after salvation (Gal. 2:20). Faith is the condition of our acceptance. Obedience is the evidence of our faith.

Do People Have Free Will?

This article is an installment of Holy Joys Questions. Submit your questions to questions@holyjoys.org. Question: Doesn’t the Bible teach that we all have free will? Good...