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The Education and Special Training of Ministers in Theological Schools

The following paper, “The Education and Special Training of Ministers in Theological Schools," was delivered to the Œcumenical Methodist Conference in London in 1881...

On Valuing Scholarship

Imagine if we cared enough about accessing conservative Wesleyan scholarship that we funded grants to allow our best teachers to take a year off from teaching to write.

Christian Education in Wesleyan-Holiness Perspective

This article was co-written by Aaron Profitt, Kristin Bird, Allison Turner, and Timothy Cooley Sr. Children’s schooling occupies a large percentage of their waking hours...

Forming Our Children’s Worldview Through Christian Education

Parents are fully responsible to see that the Word of God is integrated into every aspect of their children’s lives.

I’m Not Called to the Ministry, Why Should I Go to...

Young person, parent, older person, if you claim that Jesus is your Lord, how can you live as if He has not commanded you to give your life to the ministry of discipleship?