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Yes, Wesleyan-Arminians Believe in Predestination!

The Arminian doctrine of predestination is an orthodox and Reformed view.

Why I Am A Wesleyan! A Response to Michael Bird

Evangelical theologian Michael F. Bird recently published a blog post, “Why I am a Calvinist!” I knew it was coming and was eagerly anticipating...

God’s Gracious Provision: A Theological and Exegetical Defense of the Wesleyan...

This essay was originally published on October 3, 2019. It was republished with minor edits. Thesis The Wesleyan doctrine of prevenient grace (hereafter, WPG) is theologically...

A Wesleyan Understanding of Faith and Repentance

Recovering the firm conviction that faith and repentance are both the gifts of God will lead to a renewed focus on the means of grace.

Do Wesleyan Arminians Believe in Total Depravity?

The classic Wesleyan-Arminian emphasis is not on man’s free will but on God’s free grace which is necessary for totally depraved sinners to respond to the God who always makes the first move.