Studies in the Old Testament



Track every prayer through the Old Testament. Highlight each prayer in YELLOW.


Knowing God

Track the theme of knowing God through the Old and New Testaments. You will recognize that God’s mission can be described as His desire to be known. “Knowing God” is not merely a cognitive fact, but an obedient lifestyle. Underline the key phrases with your BLUE fine-point pen and note in the margin one of the following descriptions:

  • Knowing God God is known or not known
  • Making God known Who makes God known (esp. in Luke)
  • Remembering God Equivalent to obedience
  • Forgetting God Equivalent to disobedience
  • God’s Identity Who God is (names, titles, descriptors)

The Exodus

 Begin by reading Exodus 1-19 (from Moses’ birth to Israel’s arrival at Sinai). Then read the rest of the Old Testament while tracking every reference to the Exodus event. Since the Exodus is a salvation event, write EXODUS in the margin with a RED fine-point pen. Mark all:

  • References to Israel’s enslavement in Egypt;
  • References to Passover;
  • References to the Feast of Unleavened Bread;
  • References to coming out of Egypt;
  • References to the crossing of the Red Sea.
  • References to God meeting Moses and Israel at Sinai;
  • References to the fire and cloud by which God led Israel;
  • Any other allusion to the events of Exodus 1-19.

NOTE: Passages such as Psalm 78 count as a single reference.

The Land

Track the theme of “Land” through the Old Testament. Underline in BROWN every reference pertaining to the promise of land to Israel. This includes many passages where the land is taken from Israel because of their sin. Longer passages may be bracket in the margin such as the following example: