Studies in Daniel


Names of God

Track the various titles and names for God in the book of Daniel. Highlight each title and name in BLUE. The names of God in Daniel tell us a lot about what the main idea of the book is. 

List the names you find. HINT: All of the names are phrases (such as “the Ancient of Days”) Which titles are repeated most frequently? 


An Active God

List the actions of God through the book of Daniel. Divide the actions into actions of mercy and actions of judgment. To whom does God show mercy and to whom does He show judgment?


The Kingdom

What does God reveal about His saving reign (His kingdom) in the book of Daniel? Mark in PURPLE all of the key concepts about the kingdom of God. 

Attributes of God

What attributes of God are especially highlighted in the book of Daniel? List the divine attributes you see (either explicitly or implicitly) in the book of Daniel.