Quiz: Creation to a Nation

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How long did God take to create all things in heaven and earth?
What does it mean that we are made in God's image?
What does the temptation of Eve reveal about Satan?
What was NOT a consequence of the fall?
What verse in Genesis gives the first promise of a Redeemer?
What did God mean when he said that the serpent would bruise the heel of Eve's seed, but Eve's seed would bruise the head of the serpent?
Why did God flood the earth?
What story is primarily an example of man's pride?
What does the Bible say about Noah?
Why did God count Abraham as righteous?
Why did God destroy Sodom?
What was God's covenant promise to Abraham?
What did the cutting away of skin through circumcision represent?
Why did Abraham’s wife Sarah laugh at God’s promise of a son?
What is NOT an example of Abraham's faith?
Why did Abraham send his servant to find a wife for Isaac?
How does the sacrifice of Isaac point to the sacrifice of Jesus?
Who were Isaac's two sons?
When was Jacob renamed to Israel?
TRUE or FALSE: Benjamin, Joseph's youngest son, was his favorite.
Who stands in contrast to Joseph as an example of sexual immorality?
What did Joseph do when Potiphar's wife grabbed his cloak?
How was Joseph blessed by God after he was sold into slavery?
What is the main way in which God intended for good what Joseph's brothers intended for evil?
Through whose lineage did Jacob prophesy that the Messianic king would come?
Why was Moses spared as a baby?
Why was Moses a man of faith?
What did Pharaoh do when Moses asked him to let God's people go?
How did God protect and provide for his people after the exodus?
TRUE or FALSE: God only gave ten commandments on Mt. Sinai.