The Kids’ Catechism: Preorder Now at a Discount


Teaching our children is a great responsibility. The Holy Joys Kids’ Catechism is a tool for teaching young children about the God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It provides a strong foundation for further instruction as they grow.

How can you be happy? Who made all things? How many persons are there in God? What is sin? Who is the Son of God? What must you do to be saved? Do you need to be scared? What is God making new? These are just a few of the questions that are answered in four words or less in this 52-question catechism for kids.

Preorder the Kids’ Catechism at a discount with free shipping.

The catechism was written by Johnathan Arnold and illustrated by Brent Vernon. Johnathan is a pastor in central Pennsylvania, and the founder of He and his wife, Lexi, have a son, Adam, and another child on the way. Brent is a singer-songwriter, ventriloquist, and children’s author-illustrator from South Florida.

You can now visit our shop (see the header menu) to preorder the Kids’ Catechism at a discount with free shipping. All proceeds of this book support the non-profit ministry of Holy Joys. The tentative release date is January 24, 2023.