Announcing the Holy Joys Pastors’ Network


Since the launch of Holy Joys, we have been pleased to connect with pastors from across the country. Some share the theological vision of Holy Joys but are uncertain about how to implement change in their churches and long for the fellowship and support of likeminded pastors. This is why we are pleased to announce a new initiative: the Holy Joys Pastors’ Network.

The Holy Joys Pastors’ Network is a group of orthodox, evangelical pastors who share the vision of Holy Joys for local church renewal and have made the following ministry pledge (adapted from our vision statement). By becoming members of the network, these pastors will receive special resources, regular updates, and personalized support for implementing theologically-informed change in their various ministry contexts.

If you are interested in joining the Holy Joys Pastors’ Network, please submit an application.

The Pastors’ Pledge

As a member of the Holy Joys Pastors’ Network, I pledge to lead the church(es) where I pastor

  1. To uphold the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the inerrant Word of God and systematically expound them as the unified revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ and his authoritative will for the Church.
  2. To treasure the creeds, especially the rule of faith given in the Apostles’ Creed, as faithful summaries of Scripture, and to use them as foundational resources for discipleship and catechesis.
  3. To purely and humbly preach the gospel and keep it central to the church’s life, worship, and mission, producing a culture of grace, transparency, and humility.
  4. To faithfully and frequently administer the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper* as the signs and seals of our redemption, as well as our entrance into and continued participation in the Church.
  5. To gently and corporately administer church discipline for the purity and maturity of the body which grows when every member is working properly.
  6. To support pastors in giving themselves to prayer and teaching, helping Christians to think theologically about all of life and modeling behavior that is consistent with sound doctrine.
  7. To faithfully teach holiness of heart and life within the context of the divine economy and our happy fellowship with the Triune God.

*We recommend at least monthly (preferably weekly) Eucharist, but understand that this may be difficult in congregations that are unaccustomed to regular communion. We do not expect pastors to lead this change immediately. Joining the Pastors’ Network means, however, that frequent communion is one of your ministry goals, even if it takes several years for wise and gradual implementation. Change must be led slowly and with much teaching.

To join the network, please submit an application. There is space for questions at the end of the application, or you may submit questions directly to

We pray that this network will help likeminded pastors to bring theology to bear on the beliefs and practices of their local churches, so that they can be more holy and happy.