Monday Morning Prayer

Adapted from A Collection of Forms of Prayer for Every Day in the Week by John Wesley.

O God, you are the giver of all good gifts. I, your unworthy servant, entirely desire to praise your name for all the expressions of your generosity toward me. Blessed be your love for giving your Son to die for our sins, for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory. Blessed be your love for all the temporal benefits that you have, with a liberal hand, poured out upon me; for my health and strength, food and clothing, and all other necessities that you have provided your sinful servant. I also bless you that after all my refusals of your grace, you still had patience with me and have preserved me this night, and given me yet another day to renew and perfect my repentance. Pardon, good Lord, all my former sins, and make me every day more zealous and diligent to improve every opportunity of building up my soul in your faith, and love, and obedience; make yourself always present to my mind, and let your love fill and rule by soul, in all those places, companies, and employments, to which you call me this day.

As I pass through this world, do not allow my heart to be set on it, but always fix my single eye and my undivided affections on the prize of my high calling. This one thing let me do: let me so press toward this, as to make all things else minister to it: and be careful so to use them as thereby to prepare my soul for that pure bliss which you have prepared for those who love you.

O God, you are good, and do good, and extend your loving-kindness to all mankind—your creatures, the work of your hands, your image, capable of knowing and loving you eternally. Do not allow me to exclude anyone, O Lord, from my love, which is due to your servants and to your children. You have required this mark of my love for you: O let no temptation expose me to ingratitude, or make me forfeit your loving-kindness, which is better than life itself. But grant that I may assist all my brothers with my prayers, where I cannot reach them with actual service. Make me zealous to embrace every opportunity that may add to their happiness, by assisting the needy, protecting the oppressed, instructing the ignorant, confirming the wavering, exhorting the good, and reproving the wicked. Let me look upon the failings of my neighbor as if they were my own: that I may be grieved for them, that I may never reveal them but when love requires it, and then with tenderness and compassion. Let your love to me, O blessed Savior, be the pattern of my love to him. You thought nothing too dear to part with, to rescue me from eternal misery: O let me think nothing too dear to part with, to set forward the everlasting good of my fellow Christians. They are members of your body; therefore, I will cherish them. You have redeemed them with an inestimable price; assisted by the Holy Spirit, therefore, I will endeavor to recover them from a fate of destruction: that thus adorning your holy gospel, by doing good according to my power and capacity, I may at last be received into the endearments of your eternal love, and sing everlasting praise to the Lamb that was slain and sits on the throne for ever.

I humbly ask you to extend your mercy to all men, and let them become your faithful servants. Let all Christians live up to the holy religion they profess, especially the sinful nations. Be intreated for us, good Lord, be glorified by our reformation, and not by our destruction. Turn to us, and so shall we be turned: O be favorable to your people, give us grace to put a period to our provocations, and put a period to our punishment. Defend our Church from schism, heresy, and sacrilege, and the president from treason and conspiracy. Bless all bishops, priests, and deacons, with apostolical graces, exemplary lives, and sound doctrine. Grant to the council wisdom from above, to all magistrates integrity and zeal, to the universities quietness and industry, and to the gentry and commons pious, peaceable, and loyal hearts.

Preserve my parents, my brothers and sisters, my friends and relations, and all of this college, in their souls and bodies. Forgive my enemies, and in your due time make them kindly affected toward me. Have mercy on all who are afflicted in mind, body, or estate: give them patience under their sufferings, and a happy issue out of all their afflictions. O grant that we, with those who are already dead in your faith and fear, may together partake of a joyful resurrection, through Him who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end.