Catechism Curriculum


The 24 lessons listed below are designed for use with the Catechism and can be used with the 24-week Bible Foundations reading plan for a comprehensive discipleship course. Each lesson goes into more depth about questions from the Catechism.


  • Lesson 1: God & His Attributes
  • Lesson 2: The Trinity
  • Lesson 3: Revelation
  • Lesson 4: Man
  • Lesson 5: Law, Part 1: Loving God
  • Lesson 6: Law, Part 2: Loving Others
  • Lesson 7: Sin
  • Lesson 8: Gospel
  • Lesson 9: Salvation
  • Lesson 10: Good Works and God’s Law
  • Lesson 11: God’s Grace
  • Lesson 12: Jesus as God and Man
  • Lesson 13: Jesus as Prophet, Priest, and King
  • Lesson 14: Benefits of Salvation
  • Lesson 15: The Church
  • Lesson 16: Baptism & The Lord’s Supper
  • Lesson 17: Christian Relationships
  • Lesson 18: Prayer
  • Lesson 19: The Holy Spirit
  • Lesson 20: Assurance
  • Lesson 21: Entire Sanctification
  • Lesson 22: Christ Risen & Ascended
  • Lesson 23: Christ Coming
  • Lesson 24: Final Redemption & Eternal Life

Recommendations for Best Results

Although this curriculum may be used as 24 stand-alone lessons, it is best used as a supplement to the Catechism. The lessons are recommended for a Sunday School, small group, or family setting.

  1. Start by reading the corresponding catechism questions.
  2. Have a group leader read each paragraph or section in the lesson.
  3. Take time for the discussion questions at the end of the lesson.
  4. Conclude with prayer, then recite the Lord’s Prayer together.

A word to group leaders: When key Bible verses are referenced but not written out, assign someone to look them up. Do not skip the discussion questions at the end — or at least take time for discussion of some kind. Lead with transparency to cultivate an atmosphere where people can confess their questions and struggles without fear of being judged or condemned.