Children’s Catechism

A catechism is a summary of Christian teachings in Q & A (Question and Answer) format. This simplified catechism is suitable for young children.

1. Who is God?         
God is the One who made everything.

2. What is God like?
God is very, very good, and very, very loving.

3. What else is God like?
God can do anything He wants, He knows everything, and He is everywhere.

4. How long did it take God to make the world and all the things in it?
God made everything in 6 days.

5. Who were the first man and woman?        
The first man and woman were Adam and Eve.

6. Where did God put Adam and Eve?          
God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

7. Why did God make Adam and Eve?
God made Adam and Eve to have a friendship with Him.

8. What rule did God give Adam and Eve?     
Adam and Eve could eat from all the trees in the Garden except for one.

9. How did Adam and Eve disobey God?  
They ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

10. What happened to Adam and Eve after they disobeyed God?   
They were kicked out of the Garden, lost their friendship with God, and began to die.

11. What do we call the bad things people do?
The bad things people do are called sin.

12. What are some examples of sins people do?
Some examples of sins are lying, stealing, and disobeying Mom or Dad.

13. What happens to people when they decide to keep sinning?
People who keep sinning die in their heart and lose their friendship with God.

14. What happens if people don’t ever become friends with God?
If people don’t become friends with God, they will go to Hell when they die.

15. What is Hell? 
Hell is the place where bad people and the devil will burn in fire forever.

16. What did God do so that we don’t have to go to Hell?
God the Father sent Jesus into the world to take away our sin.

17. Why did God the Father send Jesus into the world?
God the Father sent Jesus because He loved us.

18. Who is Jesus?
Jesus is God the Son who was born of a woman and grew up to become a man.

19. Is Jesus God and man?
Jesus is completely God and completely man at the same time.

20. What did Jesus do for us?
Though Jesus never did anything wrong, He was killed on the cross so that we could have our sins taken away.

21. What else did Jesus do for us?
Jesus came back to life so that we could come back to life after we die.

22. What do we need to do so that Jesus will take away our sins?
We need to believe that Jesus died and came back to life.

23. What else do we need to do?
We also need to be very sorry for our sins and ask Jesus to come into our heart.

24. What will happen if we ask Jesus to come into our heart?
God will forgive us, become our Heavenly Father, and help us be good.

25. If we have Jesus in our heart when we die, where will we go?
If we have Jesus in our heart when we die, we will go to heaven.

26. What is heaven like?
Heaven is a happy, happy place with streets made of gold.

27. Who lives in heaven?
Jesus, the angels, and God’s children who already have died live in heaven.

28. What is not in heaven?
There is no sickness, no death, and no sin in heaven.

29. What does God want us to do while we are still on the earth?
God wants us to love Him with all of our hearts and love our neighbors like we love ourselves.

30. What do we call the 10 things we do to prove that we love God and people?
We call them the 10 commandments.

31. What is the first commandment?
Nothing can be more special to you than God.

32. What is the second commandment?
Do not make an idol to pray to.

33. What is the third commandment?
Do not say the name of God for a wrong reason.

34. What is the fourth commandment?
Make one day every week special for God.

35. What is the fifth commandment?
Listen to and do what your mother and father say.

36. What is the sixth commandment?
Do not murder any person.

37. What is the seventh commandment?
Be loyal to your husband or wife.

38. What is the eighth commandment?
Do not steal.

39. What is the ninth commandment?
Do not tell lies about anyone.

40. What is the tenth commandment?
Do not want something you shouldn’t have.

41. Where do we find the ten commandments?
The ten commandments are found in the Bible.

42. What is the Bible?
The Bible is God’s Word for us.

43. Why is the Bible true?
The Bible is completely true because it was given to us by God.

44. Who wrote the Bible?
The Bible was written by men who wrote exactly what God wanted because the Holy Spirit helped them.

45. What is the big idea of the Bible?
The big idea of the Bible is that God brings us back into a friendship with Himself through Jesus.

46. What is the Trinity?
The Trinity is the One God shown to us as three Persons.

47. Who are the three persons in the one God?
The three persons in God are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

48. Who is the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity.  He tells us in our hearts what is right and wrong.

49. What is salvation?
Salvation means your sins are washed away so you don’t have to go to hell.

50. What is a person who has salvation like?
A person who has salvation loves God and does what is right.

51. What is a Christian?
A Christian is someone who has salvation.

52. What can a person do to be a better Christian?
A person can become a better Christian by reading the Bible, praying, going to church, and telling others about Jesus.

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