A catechism is a summary of what the Bible teaches, in Q & A (Question and Answer) format. Our catechisms explore the Christian faith from a Wesleyan perspective, for the purpose of “declaring to you the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). In addition to our General Catechism, we offer a Children’s Catechism and a Catechism of Systematic Theology.

General Catechism

Our general catechism is suitable for most audiences. It is organized according to the Four Alls of Methodism.

Children's Catechism

Our simplified catechism is suitable for young children. It summarizes the Christian faith in 52 Q&As—one for each week of the year.

Catechism of Systematic Theology

Our advanced catechism is recommended for students. It is divided into six parts: Prolegomena, Revelation, God, Man/Sin, Christ, Salvation.