General Catechism

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  • Part 1 — All Men Need to Be Saved: God, Creation, Law, Sin
  • Part 2 — All Men Can Be Saved: Salvation and the Savior
  • Part 3 — All Men Can Know They Are Saved: The Christian Life
  • Part 4 — All Men Can Be Saved to the Uttermost: Full and Final Salvation


A catechism is a summary of what the Bible teaches, in Q & A (Question and Answer) format. This catechism explores the Christian faith from a Wesleyan perspective, for the purpose of “declaring to you the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). It highlights questions that every Christian should be able to answer, such as, “What is the gospel?” It takes a simpler form than many historical catechisms and is organized according to the Four Alls of Methodism. Scripture is quoted from the English Standard Version (ESV) unless otherwise noted.

How to Use the Catechism

Catechisms were traditionally memorized, but are also useful as a resource. (Words in parentheses are optional for memorization.) When using this catechism in a small group or family setting, have one person ask the question and another person read the answer. When key Bible verses are listed with a question, look them up — or read them, if the text is provided. Follow with discussion and prayer.